The pros and cons of traveling

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There are some people who enjoy collecting coins, there are some who have a soft corner for luxury cars and then there are some who find the purpose and joy of life in leaving the comfort of their homes and take a step out in to the massive world. These people seek excitement and happiness in exploring new things and in meeting new people. These are the people of are culturally rich because they have attributes of not one but a series of cultures in them. Their minds are filled with information and knowledge of things from all around the world. Most importantly they are the most peace loving and tolerant people who understand difference with an open mind. They believe in coexistence rather than survival of the fittest. These people are travelers. Through traveling these people have widened the horizons of their thinking and approach towards life. However, like every perfect story, traveling also has its twists and turns, some are interesting where as some can be a little tricky.

The do’s and don’ts of traveling

Traveling is anything but an easy task. Travelers have to go through a great deal of struggles as Ibn Battuta bear to get to their desired destination and with passing time in the current era the paradox of the situation is that where traveling needs to be easier, it has become more difficult. Yes the distances have been made shorter and the modes of transportation have drastically improved but travelers today have to face a whole new set of problems. To avoid these hurdles there are somethings that need to be taken care of before traveling. One should have some remote knowledge about the people and culture of the place they are traveling to. Without some beforehand information the risk of doing something inappropriate in the country always hangs above the head. For example, in America giving tips at the end of a service is considered to be a positive gesture so if an American is traveling to Japan with the same mind set he might be in for some trouble. Tips are considered to be an insult in Japan. Learning these little tricks can help in going a long way for a traveler. Similarly traveling with cash is never a good option. Travelers need to be a smart with every move they make. One should always travel with either credit or debit cards and if nothing else one should at least keep traveler cheques. This reduces the chances of losing everything in case of an unfortunate accident.

Another thing that travelers need to be careful with is the way they plan their trip. Every country has numerous exciting places that one should see and gain the experience however in an ill planned trip some of the places are missed which completely defies the purpose of traveling. The main aim while traveling is to see and discover the new things in a foreign land but if those places are left unseen then the whole point is lost. Above all travelers need to enjoy and cherish every moment.